Ryan Crittenden, Ph.D.

My Mission Is to Help You...

I aim to help leaders know, love, and use their unique strengths. I consistently found myself in leadership roles where my boss wanted me to become like them or do things their way. It felt like I had to become like them to be successful in these roles. Every meeting became about what I needed to fix about me. I often felt inadequate as a person and as a leader. My performance and productivity would eventually be stalemated, and work would become unenjoyable.

It was springtime of 2017 when I got introduced to the power of strengths coaching. A dear friend and coach sat me down, and we began to talk about the things that were right with me! Once I understood my unique talents, I grew them into strengths. I got certified as a strengths coach and have been able to help individuals, leaders, and teams increase performance and productivity, all while being themselves!

If you are ready to experience the same life and career change as I did, like many of my clients, I would love to invite you to schedule your discovery call. Together, we will clarify your goals, uncover what is standing in your way, and create a plan for action.

I love to spend time exploring Colorado with his wife and twin sons. I am an Army Veteran. I am certified in the CliftonStrengths Assessment, The Six Types of Working Genius, and as a John Maxwell Team Member. I earned a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University.

Book your discovery call and let’s talk more!

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