Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages

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Strengths Foundation Coaching is included in all packages unless you have already received it. Clients have greater success in one on one coaching  with  Strengths Foundations. Each coaching package includes an online course with worksheets, videos, and activities to foster growth and accountability.

Clarity Package: 6 Coaching Sessions 

Motivation Package: 14 Coaching Sessions 

Fulfillment Package: 26 Coaching Sessions

Unsure about Coaching?

One-on-One coaching offers individuals personalized attention, allowing them to address specific challenges, capitalize on strengths, and work towards their unique goals in a focused manner tailored to their needs. The condifential nature of one-on-one coaching sessions creates a safe space for clients to explore sensitive topics, share vulnerabilities, and engage in open dialogue without fear of judgment, fostering trust and rapport between coach and client. The coaching process can influence an individual’s attitue toward their work, colleagues, and the organization. It is the next step for someone wanting clarity, motivation, and fullfillment.


Know exactly what you want to be, do, and have in every area of life


Tap into an inner drive and confidence that you didn’t know you had


Live a life of meaning and fulfillment through the days, months, and years

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