If I Could Rename

A few months in and I would already rename XL Coaching and Development! The amount of brain space that naming my company occupied was too large for me to already want to change it.

I remember sitting down and telling my wife, Bethany, that I am going to name the company, “XL Coaching and Development.” I was pretty excited about it!

My wonderful, wife says to me, “You know what people are going to think about it, right?”

“Yeah! Extra Large Coaching! Extra Large Living! Let’s do it!”

But XL does not actually stand for any of that in this context. XL Coaching and Development is named after our twin sons, Xander and Lucas.

So…. What would I change?

If I could go back and change the name, I would tweak it to be

XL Coaching for Development.


Well, I am all about accurate definitions of words and concepts. The idea here is that I want to coach for development.

Why development? What about performance?

I think Michael Bungay Stanier defines these concepts in his book, The Coaching Habit. Michael states that “coaching for performance is about addressing and focusing on a specific problem or challenge. It’s about putting out the fire.

However, coaching for development is about turning the focus from the issue to the person dealing with the issue, the person who’s managing the fire.”

Coaching for development is to get the heart of the matter. The most powerful conversations you could have or have ever had were development conversations.

Let us all have coaching for development conversations!


What is the real challenge you are facing?

How can a coach help you?

Are you receiving conversations for performance or development?

Are you giving conversations for performance or development?

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