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Workplace Turnaround

Issue: A Senior Vice President of Sales oversaw a capable team of Regional Sales Directors, but the company faced challenges amid a complex transition following an acquisition. The situation demanded a departure from the usual course of operations. The leader sought to maintain stability and focus within the team amidst uncertainties, yet mounting pressure led to a breakdown within the team.

Resolution: The SVP enlisted coaching to provide coaching for the entire team. Each director underwent five hours of personalized coaching, delving into all 34 CliftonStrengths® talents. This initiative fostered a deeper comprehension of individual strengths, heightened self-awareness, and cultivated a greater appreciation for fellow team members.

Outcome: By understanding the distinctive strengths of each director and capitalizing on them, the SVP propelled team morale to new heights. Leaders within the team exhibited enhanced confidence in their roles. Within a span of six months, every major objective was not only achieved but exceeded. Reflecting on the experience, one regional director remarked, “Embracing our strengths is akin to unlocking nuclear fusion in life. It has truly transformed every facet of my existence.”

Strengths-Based Team

Issue: A group of talented young executives found themselves at a crossroads, unsure of how to progress as a cohesive team. They lacked clarity on leveraging each other’s unique strengths for optimal outcomes.

Resolution: In response to these challenges, the executives sought out strengths-based coaching. Beginning with individual Strengths Foundations coaching, they then participated in team coaching sessions aimed at enhancing self-awareness, understanding team dynamics, and developing strategies toeffectively utilize their strengths.

Outcome: The results of the strengths-based team coaching were impressive. Each team member gained a newfound confidence in their own strengths and abilities while also gaining insights into the strengths of their colleagues. This heightened awareness and strategic approach even resulted in the CEO and COO swapping roles during the team coaching sessions, showcasing the transformative impact of the program.

Results from Gallup:
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